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One of the most recognized transport companies in Europe. Omida Logistics has 13 years of experience in transport, freight forwarding and logistics.

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Omida Logistics is a Polish leader in domestic and European road transport, which has continuously pursued a strategy of dynamic development for 13 years. The brand’s structure comprises 32 branches throughout Poland and Europe, represented by more than 250 freight forwarders and a network of several hundred domestic and European carriers. The Company provides a wide range of services in the field of international transport.

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Since 2010, we have been maintaining supply chains and taking responsibility for our clients’ logistics processes. We provide precise service based on long-standing relationships, while focusing on the necessary processes and procedures to ensure security for our Customers and Business Partners. Each brand in OMIDA Group has its own individual speciality tailored to market requirements and specific directions. Check out the specializations that correspond to the brands in our Group.

Road Transport

Road Transport

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Intermodal Transport

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Oversize Transport



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When you choose to work with Omida Logistics, you can rest assured right at the start. Omida Logistics is a guarantee of quality and professional service at every stage. The brand owes its success to people dedicated to their work – creative and committed – supporting customers with expertise and experience

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We present the key metrics of Omida Logistics for 2022. We are proud of the brand’s success and strive to continuously improve the company’s solutions to meet the growing demands in the logistics field.










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management board of Omida Logistics


Marek Rostkowski

Working in the TSL industry since 2002. MBA graduate of the Gdansk School of Banking. Co-founder and President of the Board of Omida Logistics Sp. z o.o. He is driven by his tireless pursuit of success. He believes that an important part of everyone’s development is the opportunity for self-improvement, which is why he is a mentor at the Columbus Foundation and The Grade, a development program for high school students. Heading the OMIDA Group, he supports activities to develop employee competence and integration. Involved in many local initiatives. His motto is that “by learning and applying the knowledge you gain, you can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal you set for yourself”.


Bartłomiej Glinka

He has been involved in the TSL industry for more than 20 years. Since 2010, he has successfully managed the Omida group of companies, thus creating one of the fastest growing TSL companies in Poland, whose revenue in 2021 exceeded PLN 1,100,000,000. Graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdansk. He graduated with a master’s degree in Maritime Trade. MBA graduate of the Gdansk School of Banking. Member of the Expert Council of the University of Gdansk. Founder of the Columbus Foundation focused on educating business leaders and improving the skills of youth. Mentor and one of the founders of Columbus High School.