We are the leader of the TSL industry in Poland. Our strength lies in people for whom shipping and transport is more than just a job – it is a love and passion.


Together we Are strong

Safety Guarantee

As a Logistics Integrator, we combine companies in the TSL sector to increase their profitability and build competitive advantages. We provide access to extensive staff and financial resources enabling fast-growing companies to achieve above-average growth. The structure of our holding provides administrative support and know-how transfer for each unit in the Group. We guarantee a safety umbrella to the companies operating within the Logistics Integrator, building synergies and an environment conducive to dynamic growth.




OMIDA Group activities

We have been developing our services for more than 13 years, pursuing a strategy of rapid growth and expanding the structure of companies specializing in particular areas of transport.

Efficient and effective business

Operational efficiency

Optimization of processes Optimization of organizational structure
Enhancement of employee competence
Improvement of profitability
Implementation of audits and analysis

New growth areas

Implementation of new strategy
Expanding of offerings
New sales channels
New IT solutions
Synergies within the Group
Customer experience management

Control and security

Implementation of management
information systems
Supervision of strategy implementation
Implementation of incentive systems

Safety and security of conducted business

OMIDA Group is one of the most recognizable brands in the TSL services market in Poland. We owe our position to the passion and commitment of the people working in all the companies that make up our Group.

We gain advantage through the experience of the entire group, we win through diversity and autonomy.

We aim to acquire new growth areas by investing in dynamic companies.
Our strategy is to identify and engage in forward-looking businesses that show strong potential for growth and innovation.

We carefully analyze the market and sector, looking for companies that have a strong competitive position and well-defined growth targets. We then work closely with these companies to understand their strategy, culture and business goals.

With our extensive experience and financial resources, we can offer equity investments that support the dynamic growth of companies.

Together with the company’s management, we develop a long-term strategy, taking into account the development of new products, expansion into new markets or gaining a larger share of existing segments.

Our story

OMIDA Group was founded in 2010 on the initiative of Bartłomiej Glinka and Marek Rostkowski. We have been successfully developing our business for more than a dozen years, providing professional transport and forwarding services both at home and abroad.

Applying a strategy of dynamic growth has enabled us to open dozens of branches in various locations and continuously expand our service infrastructure.

Our flexibility and ability to adapt to a dynamically changing market allowed us to become a leader in the TSL industry in Poland. Today, with our experience, knowledge and passion, we are ready every day to meet the challenges of today’s logistics market.

OMIDA Group’s long history is proof of the brand’s credibility and ability to deliver solutions that have met the needs of the most demanding customers for years.


Quality certificates are an important part of our organization. It is through the certificates we hold that every Business Partner and Customer is assured of high standards in both the areas of customer service and transport services. Meeting high requirements is what characterizes us in the market.

Awards and distinguishments

OMIDA Group boasts numerous achievements, i.e. the prestigious Forbes 2019 monthly award, or the Gazelles of Business awards, given to the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises. Our brand received this award in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

We have been trusted by


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Together We Are Strong