OMIDA Finance provides an e-discounting service for Carriers working with the OMIDA Group. Each Carrier, after downloading and registering the application, can unlock instant cash from invoices before the due date in a very simple and secure way.

Together we Are strong

We, Omida Finance are the part of the OMIDA Group providing a complementary financial services for Carriers working with the Group.

The mission of the company is to support entrepreneurs providing transportation services by delivering innovative financial solutions which improve cash flow.

The company has implemented an invoice payment acceleration program under brand OmiPay. This program allows to speed up payments from the OMIDA Group based on innovative and secure mobile application.

All Carriers cooperating with Omida Logistics can join now the Program and enjoy benefits from OmiPay provided by Omida Finance team.

OmiPay Financing for Carriers

The OmiPay financing program for Carriers provided by Omida Finance, enables the quick and secure conversion of invoices into cash before the payment due date. This is a solution that gives Carriers the ability to effectively manage their financial liquidity while ensuring flexibility and convenience.

#Drive your business forward with OmiPay

Speed up the payment of your invoice.

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