We integrate companies in the TSL sector. We ensure complementarity of services and build a secure model of cooperation within the entire holding company

Together we Are strong

Benefits of joining the group

We combine companies in the TSL sector to increase profitability and build competitive edge. We provide access to extensive staff and financial resources enabling fast-growing companies to achieve above-average growth. The holding company structure provides administrative support and know-how transfer for each unit in the group. We guarantee affiliated companies a safety umbrella, thus building synergies.




Process of joining brands

Joining brands to OMIDA Group is a carefully planned and professionally conducted procedure, consisting of many stages, aimed at precisely learning and understanding the needs and goals of each brand interested in cooperating with the Group.







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Selling a company, growing through mergers or business spin-offs (M&A) are some of the most difficult mechanisms leaders go through. Fill out the form and our specialists will contact you.

    The administrator of your personal data will be OMIDA Group Spółka Akcyjna (hereinafter: OMIDA Group). You can contact us as follows: by letter to: Aleja Grunwaldzka 472C, 80-309 Gdańsk, by e-mail: bok@omida.pl or by phone: +48 58 741 88 14. Personal data will be processed in order to prepare offers on Omida products and services. Details about the processing of your personal data are available here.

    What business are we investing in

    With experience and broad access to personnel and financial resources, we support rapidly growing TSL companies in achieving above-average growth. Our investments are not only capital, but also added value through industry knowledge, networking and operational support. We are a strategic partner, providing know-how, advice and best practices to support companies to reach their full growth potential. We are particularly interested in companies operating in freight forwarding and contract logistics services.

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    Jak rośniemy w OMIDA Group


    We provide our Group companies with a solid umbrella of security. Our long-standing presence in the logistics market and professionalism in management are the key elements that make our Business Partners feel confident and trust our stability. We create a safe environment that allows our companies to focus on improving their services and developing their potential.

    Connection models

    There are two models of cooperation available when a team or company joins the OMIDA Group. The first is the creation of a new, stand-alone entity operating under the Group’s existing brand. The second is the creation of a completely new independent company or brand, which will be incorporated into OMIDA Group structures. Cooperation within the Group is always tailored on a case-by-case basis, both on an operational and financial level, in order to achieve optimal results for all parties involved.

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    Together We Are Strong