In a world where the dynamics of the transport, freight forwarding, and logistics industry pose ever-new challenges to carriers, Omida Finance meets market needs by introducing an innovative financial solution—OmiPay. We spoke with Michał Należyty and Michał Kazimierczak, the founders of Omida Finance, to learn more about this innovative program. Their vision, experience, and determination in implementing changes that genuinely affect carriers’ day-to-day operations deserve special attention. We invite you to read the interview that sheds light on how OmiPay can change the face of financing in the TSL industry.

Today we are joined by Michał Należyty and Michał Kazimierczak, founders of Omida Finance. Welcome to OMIDA Group! Let’s start from the beginning; tell us a bit about yourselves, your history, and the road to Omida Finance.
Michał Należyty:
My adventure with finance has been ongoing for over 25 years, of which more than 18 have been in corporate banking. I worked at banks such as Raiffeisen, Alior, BNP Paribas, and Pekao SA, where I was responsible for sales and also spent nearly 4 years in factoring as a co-founder of the factoring company Faktoria. This perspective allowed me to gain experience, gave me a better understanding of business clients’ needs, and indicated the path to creating and offering the best financial solutions, which we utilized at Omida Finance.

So banking, factoring, and now OmiPay. What led you to this?
Michał Należyty:
A few years ago, Michał Kazimierczak and I considered various ideas that could significantly impact the market. The TSL industry and carriers seemed like the perfect target for our idea. Meeting with the OMIDA Group Board and a mutual understanding of the carriers’ needs meant that the Carrier Financing Program OmiPay quickly went from concept to execution.

Michał Kazimierczak – what’s your story and how did you find yourself at Omida Finance?
Michał Kazimierczak:
Our paths were somewhat different. I focused on risk and collection, quite the opposite, actually. The idea of creating something simple that could genuinely help carriers in the TSL industry was always present and close to me. Working together on the factoring company and the desire to create an ultra-simple solution for the TSL industry brought us together and consequently led to cooperation on OmiPay.

How did the idea for OmiPay come about? What inspired you?
Michał Należyty:
Meeting with the OMIDA Group Board and discovering common goals was crucial. We wanted to create a solution that would liberate carriers’ funds from invoices before payment terms in the simplest and safest way possible. We spent a lot of time talking with industry representatives; we wanted to understand their expectations. We learned that it was crucial for the solution to be simple, accessible from their truck cabin, and that they could decide on invoice purchases at any moment.

Michał Kazimierczak: Additionally, we wanted our program to be accessible even to carriers with larger obligations, which often posed a problem in the traditional banking or factoring system. OmiPay is open to everyone, regardless of credit history or existing commitments.

How does OmiPay fit into the OMIDA Group strategy as a Logistic Integrator?
Michał Kazimierczak:
Omida Finance aims to complement the OMIDA Group’s offering by introducing financial services that enrich traditional logistics products. With OmiPay, OMIDA Group strengthens its position as a comprehensive service provider for the TSL industry, offering not only logistics but also financial solutions tailored to carriers’ needs.

Michał Należyty: We want OMIDA Group to be seen not only as a leader in the TSL field but also as a group that innovatively approaches financing and supporting its carriers in this area. OmiPay is just the first step, but we are already thinking about further solutions that will bring OMIDA Group even closer to carriers, suppliers, and customers.

What TSL industry problems are you trying to solve with OmiPay?
Michał Kazimierczak:
Our main goal is to simplify the financing process in the TSL industry, which often struggles with unnecessarily complicated banking or factoring processes. We believe that OmiPay can be the simplest financial solution on the market, tailored to the needs of carriers of all sizes.

Michał Należyty: That’s right. Most existing solutions require complicated applications, certificates, and documentation. OmiPay eliminates these barriers, offering simplicity and intuitive operation. We want our clients to easily manage their finances without unnecessary formalities.

What are the main features of OmiPay that distinguish it in the market?
Michał Należyty:
Key to OmiPay are safety and simplicity. We’ve created a program that is intuitive and easy to use. Carriers can easily log in, see their invoices, and decide to purchase them using just a mobile app. Additionally, every carrier can count on the professional support of our experienced sales and service team.

Michał Kazimierczak: Moreover, OmiPay does not require additional documentation, such as certificates from the Social Security or Tax Office. This significantly differentiates us from other solutions on the market, making our financing accessible and user-friendly.

What were the biggest challenges in creating OmiPay?
Michał Należyty:
One of the challenges was creating a product that is intuitive and simple to use but comprehensive in terms of offered functions. It was important to understand and respond to the needs of carriers, who are on the move daily and need fast, simple, and secure financial solutions.

What are your future plans in terms of developing OmiPay?
Michał Należyty:
Our financing program is just the beginning. Listening to carriers’ needs, we want to offer even more solutions in the future that will support their development and facilitate managing financial liquidity. We hope that OmiPay will become an indispensable element of the TSL industry ecosystem.

What message do you have for OMIDA Group employees?
Michał Kazimierczak:
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the rapid development of OmiPay. We are open to any suggestions that can help us better meet the needs of carriers. We believe that together we can create something exceptional, contributing to the further development of OMIDA Group and the satisfaction of our customers.

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