At OMIDA Group, we recognize how rapidly the TSL (Transport, Shipping, and Logistics) industry is changing and how crucial it is to adapt to these changes. We don’t just want to keep up with the competition; we aim to be the leaders of change and influence the future of the entire sector.

In executing the strategy of the OMIDA Group Logistics Integrator, we have established a new company, Omida Finance, which will serve as the financing entity for carriers across all companies within the Group and, in the future, provide other modern solutions supporting the Group’s interests.

The Carrier Financing Program OmiPay is the first solution delivered to the market by the experienced team at Omida Finance. The service aims to streamline financial management in the transport, freight forwarding, and logistics (TSL) industry. The goal is simple: to make finance less complicated and more accessible for companies in this dynamically developing industry.

Founders of Omida Finance and the vision of modern financing

The establishment of Omida Finance is the result of a mature product concept meeting the OMIDA Group Logistic Integrator strategy.

Thanks to the merger of ideas supported by the extensive experience of finance, sales, and operations experts – Michał Kazimierczak, Michał Należyty, and Krzysztof Boryszewski – with the strategy pursued by the OMIDA Group Board, the OmiPay Carrier Financing Program was created.

OmiPay is a game-changing plan in the transportation industry’s financing, where carriers no longer have to worry about cash flow and can safely develop their business.

The Omida Finance team has developed a new financing model that aims to provide simple and more accessible financial solutions. The mission of Omida Finance is clear: to simplify and accelerate the invoice financing process, eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles.

OmiPay sets new standards in TSL financing

OmiPay is designed to provide quick access to money, maximum simplicity, and process transparency. Unlike traditional invoice financing solutions, OmiPay offers users in a mobile application an intuitive interface with a view of all invoices eligible for financing and a clear calculator of the costs incurred by the carrier for early disbursement of funds. This solution represents an unprecedented approach in the TSL market.

OmiPay – competitive advantage and transparency

The OmiPay program stands out in the market not only for its innovation and simplicity but also for its complete cost transparency and competitive pricing. The proposed conditions are clear and understandable for every carrier, ensuring fairness and transparency of all actions. Additionally, OmiPay allows active users to obtain additional discounts and bonuses, confirming our commitment to building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and benefits.

Omida Finance – new horizons of development

Within the OmiPay program, Omida Finance provides an e-discounting solution for Carriers collaborating with OMIDA Group companies. The first company in the group to have included its Carriers in the financing program is Omida Logistics. Thanks to actions planned for 2024, soon other companies in the group will be able to offer the solution to their Carriers.

Join the revolution in TSL financing

Omida Finance and the OmiPay program represent our commitment to innovation and our pursuit to provide our partners with the best possible solutions. We are convinced that through our joint efforts and commitment, Omida Finance will become synonymous with modern financing in the TSL industry, benefiting all market participants. We are full of enthusiasm and invite you to take advantage of the OmiPay Carrier Financing Program!

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