At the beginning of February this year, the transformation of the Gdynia Brokers Office S.A. into the company Omida Brokers S.A. took place. In line with the strategy of the OMIDA Group Logistics Integrator, the company adopted a name characteristic of entities servicing operational companies. Omida Brokers aims to provide comprehensive insurance services for all companies within the OMIDA Group.

The goal of the brand is to deliver insurance solutions at the highest level, perfectly tailored to the needs of individual companies within the Group, and later to expand to serving entities in the TSL sector outside the Group. This approach will allow proposing attractive conditions developed when creating dedicated products with various insurance companies. Omida Brokers will leverage economies of scale and become a significant partner for many companies in the industry.

Leading the brand is Łukasz Grabania. The new CEO of Omida Brokers brings to the company his rich, over 10-year experience in the insurance industry, with a particular focus on transportation and communication insurance. His strengths include market knowledge, relationships with insurance companies, integrity, transparency, and effective communication skills. We asked Łukasz to share a few words about the company and its goals for the coming months.

“Omida Brokers is a brand that meets the expectations of freight forwarders by providing services that facilitate their daily work. Thanks to a deep understanding of the TSL industry, we can offer solutions that not only meet the specific needs of our clients but also contribute to optimizing their operations.

Our offer is twofold: for companies within the OMIDA Group and for external clients. In both cases, we focus on specialization and tailor insurance products to the specifics of the TSL sector.

As Omida Brokers, we leverage the strength of the capital group, which allows us to negotiate insurance terms that are beyond the reach of smaller companies. This enables our clients to enter into insurance contracts on terms that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

In the near future, we plan to conduct insurance audits, including property insurance and carrier liability insurance (CMR insurance), as well as cargo insurance. From a management perspective, Omida Brokers adopts a modern approach to customer service and streamlines processes. We emphasize high-quality communication and adaptation to customer needs. We want to be as close to operational employees as possible and help them in their daily work.

We believe that our work is not only about providing services but above all about solving problems. We are here to support and deliver the best solutions to our clients.”

We encourage you to follow the company’s activities and join the ranks of Omida Brokers’ satisfied clients, where quality and understanding of needs go hand in hand with a modern approach to insurance.

For more information, please visit omida-brokers.