At OMIDA Group, we always prioritize development and innovation, so it is with great pleasure that we introduce our new CFO and Board Member, Artur Waśkiewicz. Artur joined the Logistics Integrator’s structure, bringing with him extensive experience from various industries and a fresh perspective on finance in the rapidly changing TSL industry. His career is filled with successes across different sectors, making him the perfect candidate to support OMIDA Group in the challenges ahead. In the following interview, Artur shares his thoughts on the future of OMIDA Group, his passions, and his plans for the company’s financial development.

Artur, welcome to OMIDA Group! To start, we’d love to learn more about your career so far and what led you to join us. Could you share the key moments in your professional journey with us?
Artur: My career started over 25 years ago in strategic consulting, and since 2001, I have been associated with service companies. For 12 years, I worked in various companies within the Orange Group in Poland and abroad, which gave me a unique perspective on financial management in large corporations. The next stage was working in owner-managed companies from various industries, supported by investment funds, where my focus was on securing financing, preparing and conducting ownership changes, and improving management reporting. At OMIDA Group, I see an opportunity to apply these experiences in the context of the dynamically developing TSL industry.

What factors influenced your decision to join the OMIDA Group team?
Several reasons influenced my decision. First and foremost, it was the enormous development potential that OMIDA Group presents in the market. The TSL industry is dynamic, and OMIDA is already setting standards for innovation and effectiveness. Another key factor was the organizational culture and values that OMIDA Group cherishes. From the first meetings with the management team, it was clear there was a strong commitment to building a culture based on collaboration, innovation, and continuous development. At OMIDA Group, people truly come first, and their development is as important as the growth of the entire company. I was also guided by the opportunity to work with an exceptionally talented team. The professionalism, passion, and commitment of the people I had the opportunity to meet convinced me that this is a place where I can not only share my experience but also continuously learn from others.

What role do you intend to play at OMIDA Group? What changes and initiatives do you plan to introduce as CFO?
Artur: As the CFO of OMIDA Group, I intend to act as a strategic business partner, focusing on increasing the company’s value for shareholders and investors. My actions will concentrate on advanced financial analysis, optimizing the capital structure, and identifying and implementing growth opportunities through acquisitions. I plan to introduce modern analytical tools allowing us to forecast our service sales based on economic cycles and/or market trends, enabling us to react more quickly to changes and leverage new opportunities. I also place great emphasis on streamlining internal processes and reporting to ensure better control and financial transparency. These initiatives aim not only to improve financial results but also to increase OMIDA Group’s competitiveness in the TSL market.

Artur, tell us about the experience you bring to OMIDA Group, especially in terms of acquisitions and company integration. How will your experience influence OMIDA Group’s development and growth?
Artur: My experience includes participation in nearly 20 acquisitions that expanded geographical reach and brought direct financial benefits. I was responsible for integrating acquired companies, focusing on standardizing procedures, systems, and organizational culture. At OMIDA Group, I plan to use this experience to implement an expansion strategy through effective integration of new entities into the Group’s structures. A key aspect here will be harmoniously combining organizational cultures, business processes, and IT systems to ensure synergy realization and maximize value for OMIDA Group.

The TSL industry is specific. What challenges and opportunities do you see for yourself at OMIDA Group?
Artur: The TSL industry is a new challenge for me, but I believe that certain skills are universal and can be successfully transferred between different sectors. What connects my previous positions is primarily work in services, which is also key in TSL. It is a dynamic and demanding industry, which brings challenges such as constant regulatory changes, the need for technological innovations, and managing complex supply chains. At the same time, I see significant opportunities for OMIDA Group, especially in terms of digitization, value-added services development, and international expansion. My goal is to leverage these opportunities to strengthen the company’s market position.

Do you see synergy between your previous experiences and the new challenges at OMIDA Group?
Artur: Absolutely. My varied experiences across a wide range of industries and functions, from strategic consultancy to finance and operations, give me a unique perspective I can bring to OMIDA Group. Working in diverse sectors has taught me how to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and effectively manage teams in a dispersed structure and complex project environments. At OMIDA Group, I see the opportunity to leverage these skills to promote innovation, optimize processes, and strengthen our competitiveness. My experience in acquisitions and integrations can contribute to more effective change management and enhance the operational and financial efficiency of the Group, which is crucial in the dynamically evolving sector.

What goals do you set for yourself at OMIDA Group?
Artur: At OMIDA Group, my goal is not only to maintain but also to significantly increase operational efficiency and profitability. My aim is to change the ratio of short-term to long-term financing, which will significantly impact OMIDA Group’s capabilities in the context of M&A activities. I also plan to intensify efforts towards digitization and automation of processes, which will allow for better cost control and faster task execution. Another key goal is to develop our product portfolio and expand into new markets through strategic acquisitions, which will increase our market share and strengthen OMIDA Group’s position as a TSL industry leader. I also want to build strong and lasting relationships with business partners, based on trust and high-quality services. An important aspect of my activities will also be the development of talent within our organization and promoting a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

What can OMIDA Group employees expect from you, and how will it impact the Group?
Artur: I plan to employ work methodologies that have proven successful in my career thus far. This includes, for example, Lean Management techniques aimed at optimizing operational processes and eliminating waste, which should ultimately contribute to increased efficiency and margin improvement. Advanced data analytics and Business Intelligence will also play a crucial role, enabling us to better understand our business processes, predict market trends, and make decisions based on data. Managing change effectively will also be vital, allowing us to implement new solutions and technologies in our organization while minimizing resistance and maximizing employee engagement. I’m a proponent of taking small steps every day to ultimately achieve the greater goals set before us.

How does long-term financing differ from short-term financing, and what changes will this bring to OMIDA Group?
Artur: Long-term financing differs from short-term financing mainly in the time horizon and the purposes for which funds are raised. Short-term financing, such as revolving credits or factoring, is primarily used to cover current needs, such as payments to suppliers or covering operational costs. Conversely, long-term financing is raised for larger investments, acquisitions, or developing new business areas and usually covers periods longer than a year. For OMIDA Group, moving towards a greater share of long-term financing means stabilizing funding sources and the ability to implement a long-term growth strategy. This will allow for easier planning and execution of larger strategic projects, such as infrastructure expansion, investments in new technologies, or expansion into new markets. As a result, OMIDA Group will be able to focus on long-term development and strengthening its position.

What do you think sets OMIDA Group apart?
Artur: OMIDA Group is distinguished primarily by its flexibility and adaptation of its offer to individual customer needs. This allows us to ensure high service quality and build lasting relationships with clients. Moreover, innovation and continuous search for new technological solutions allow for process optimization and increased efficiency, which is especially important in the rapidly changing logistics and transport sector. Our vision of being a Logistics Integrator that provides comprehensive logistics solutions also sets us apart from the competition. A strong focus on development and the use of the latest technologies in logistic processes enables us to offer services at the highest level. All this, combined with the experience and professionalism of our team, makes OMIDA Group a solid and trusted partner in the industry.

Privately, you’re a fan of video games and rollerblading. Do these hobbies help you in your work?
Artur: Yes, absolutely. Video games develop strategic thinking and the ability to make quick decisions, which is very useful in a dynamic business environment. Rollerblading, on the other hand, is an excellent way to de-stress and find a balance between professional and private life. I believe that passions and hobbies have a significant impact on our work efficiency, helping to keep the mind in good shape.

Thank you, Artur, for sharing your thoughts. We are confident that your experience and energy will contribute to the continued success of OMIDA Group.